Microblogging – its hip

Microblogging – its hip

Following one of our longer reportages…this is our first microblog post. Hope you enjoy and keep coming back for more.

My sis Pegi is quite talented with her artwork and as a result she wanted to continue to expand the scope of her work. As an artist, she’s always looking for new subject material to paint. She’s had a really nice camera for a while now but it was very complicated – being a Pipes, there was just so much effort she was going to put into learning. We prefer to just get smart by having an outstanding personality! She’s finally gotten it mastered…. here’s the results for you.

A classic Florida scene
The sun across the tidal marsh
Road leading to Spanish Moss
Palms stretching out to find the sun
Tides in
Check out the canopy over the roadway

So now there’s more images for her to consider and I’m sure we’ll see some new paintings soon. These images were all taken just a few miles Southdown off A1A from her/Clarks condo on Flagler Beach. It’s a fantastic condo and they do have rentals available. Here’s a link to an earlier report all about it: Fab Florida Beach Condo

Chris Pipes

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