Dr. Pickle Pipes, Fuzzician. He’s a Memorial Day pup born on that weekend in 2013 – currently a five year-old family friend.
He’s a free-range schnauzer meaning he’s operating on voice commands and will stay close by even in a downtown environment. Always risky for high traffic so we keep a close eye on him and do sometimes go to the leash just for his safety.

Pickle has so much personality and just HAS to go over and meet everyone he sees on his 2x day walks. Not afraid of any other dog but keeps clear of cats cause he’s been popped a few times!

He was to be the namesake of our new travel website, blog, etc. but the name PickleStone just came back with too many similar hits that would have been confusing to our fans and subscriber base.

When we first received him as a gift from Liz’s mom we just couldn’t come up with a good name…finally a simple post on FB with a picture of him saying we were looking for name suggestions our great nephews wife Kimberly suggested Pickle. We put that along with our last name Pipes and it just seemed to click. Pickle Pipes.

At that time, our son Matt added Dr. part of the name, and said he is a Fuzzician, so it was settled – Dr. Pickle Pipes, Fuzzician.

He’s a terrific travel companion and will be a prominent feature within our writings, posts and photography.

He’s quick to ask: “RV about ready to stop and eat?”