A Place where the Early Settlers No Longer Stir

A Place where the Early Settlers No Longer Stir

By now our readers know we love to venture beyond the city centers, the main highways and behind overgrown vegetation….

The recent trip to South Carolina gave us an opportunity to visit an unusual site. A place most folks would prefer not to tread. Not a happy place but solemn. This is the kind of place for remembrance and reflection of the folks that have come before, made their own individual contributions good and bad.

The church here has been long forgotten and I suspect that most of these markers are without a story. Yet somehow we can wonder about their origins and and find solace that we too will someday take the eternal nap.

Situated on the edge of a rural community founded in the mid 1800’s – McClellanville, SC, we couldn’t resist stopping to pay homage with a few images.

Some might say this is neglect, I’d say they’ve been left to slumber in peace.

Chris Pipes
  • Clark Waters
    Posted at 17:02h, 31 March Reply

    One can only wonder how this church, place and solitude it provides, gave spiritually comfort so long ago. An old church is covered with Gods blessings and I would say hallowed ground, when one comes across such a place I’m sure a spiritual connection is ever present and a reflective tone covers our hearts for a moment..Thanks for the read and photography.

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 13:28h, 01 April Reply

      We’re glad you enjoyed the story. Going to these unusual places is fun.

  • Liz Pipes
    Posted at 19:14h, 31 March Reply

    It is a beautiful little town that looks as if time stands still. A local man told us that Charleston is beginning to move in that direction and he fears the town of McClellanville will lose its charm. I hope not, we need beautiful little towns like this.

  • Trueman Garrison
    Posted at 19:36h, 31 March Reply

    Very cool stuff Chris. There is something facinating about any cemetary.. I like to tour them all. As you probably know, Greenwood cemetary is very interesting in Orlando. Also Gotha cemetary is good also. Dane

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 13:25h, 01 April Reply

      Thanks Dane and we’re glad you enjoyed the post. All the best, Chris and Liz

  • Joseph Richardson, Author "FIRE ANGELS" southern. novel
    Posted at 19:47h, 02 April Reply

    Bethel AME Church organized 1867 . Oldest AME church in McClellanville. S.C. AME church spread rapidly after Civil War. when former slaves were free to start their own congregations. Believed founded by AME pastor Richard Cain. Members built this church 1872. Storm damaged in 1916. Congregation met under oak tree until repairs were made. Last regular service Sept. 17, 1979. Renovations began in 2003 to convert it to a community center. Cemetery dates back to 1880s.

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 23:07h, 06 April Reply

      Thanks SO much for the background and the research you did on this! Love reading and understanding more about the church and cemetery! Loved your book – Fire Angels a wonderful southern story.

  • Lisa Williams
    Posted at 16:45h, 04 April Reply

    Beautiful story, pictures, and sentiments! Thanks for sharing!

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 23:05h, 06 April Reply

      Hi Lisa – Thanks and glad you’re enjoying following along.

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