With A Banjo On My Knee…

With A Banjo On My Knee…

We wanted to make sure to show from time to time the fun that can be enjoyed once we disconnect from the camper and venture out to roam the surrounding areas from our “base camp”. Regardless where we might find ourselves we know there’s so much more to see and experience by looping around and stumbling across side roads, byways and tiny communities that dot this country like goosebumps.

While at Lakepoint Lodge and State Park, we took such a side trip… over to Russell County’s rural backroads. It didn’t take long to find a few neat buildings that harken back to earlier times when farming was done differently, especially here in cotton country. We came across an old cotton mill and equipment out buildings including chemical shed. One can only imagine what these places looked like back when the cotton balls were poppin and the farm machinery was busy hauling in bounty up/down these country roads to the mill and then later trucked out to the next phase of the cotton processing.


We surmised that the general store and gas station combo was a very active business when the various crops came in. That old gas pump would be amazed how much gas prices have increased since the final days it was in use. BTW – gas prices here in the Eufaula area at the time of this writing were quite low compared to Central Florida at only $239/gallon.


In contrast to the older days of cotton production Liz is shown here with a huge round bail still to be collected out in the field.

We enjoyed pulling into to this long-forgotten farm house and walked around for a few pictures. I always wish we could see places back in their prime and see the early occupants that helped to build these wonderful communities.


If you haven’t taken a slow roll down a few back roads with a picnic lunch and camera -we just ask why?

Chris Pipes

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