Side trip in South Carolina – McClellanville, SC

Side trip in South Carolina – McClellanville, SC

What a cool little community we came across while out exploring the vicinity around Honey Hill Recreation Area where we were boon-docking for a few days.. Located about 10-12 miles away McClellanville, SC is situated near the coast about halfway between Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

The whole time we were driving around and then walking the streets, I kept thinking about Tom Hanks in the film Forrest Gump. This tiny town seems to be trapped in time and I feel they embrace the notion. The community was settled in the 1850’s and is rich with history, southern grace, and charm.

Liz and I enjoyed the seeing the quaint buildings and vintage homes along the streets where huge Oaks stand draped with long strands of grey moss. While there’s not lots of shopping or restaurant options we did manage to find both, albeit very limited. Two or three small shops and one restaurant but the restaurant was a real treat! We’ll have a new blog post out shortly about T.W. Graham & Co. soon.

Thriving downtown district? Not really but NICE.

The fishing/shrimping industry is the primary source of income to the area so as the seasons open/close so does the ebb and flow of the folks working in these trades to the small marina area. At the time of our visit the shrimping was closed so the shrimp boats were undergoing routine maintenance drills.

Shrimping season was closed
Hard working shrimpers awaiting news about reopening the season

We alway we encourage these side trips to our friends and followers as they offer up opportunities to appreciate history, architure, culture, cuisine but our fav is the local citizenry.

Oak Street? I’d say yes.

Keep moving, grooving and exploring…

Chris Pipes

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