Hot Springs, AR

Hot Springs, AR

Within the relatively small state of Arkansas lies two enormous National Forests. The smaller of the two is The Ozark National Forest and is located within the Northwestern part of the state. Even though it’s the smallest of the two its size is a massive 1.2 million acres.

Directly South of The Ozark National Forest is the big daddy of National Forest in the state… The Ouachita National Forest…never heard of it before our trip to explore Arkansas. This very impressive National Forest covers 1.8 million acres and includes the 40,000 acre Lake Ouachita. The lake was formed back in the 50’s by damming up the Ouachita River.

I tell you all this just to give you some sense of the state (for us uninformed) and to say we wanted to see this section of our country and become more Ark-aware. we choose to make reservations at the Brady Mountain Recreation Area which is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. (COE).

To continue your education a bit more….on the SouthEastern edge of the Ouachita National Forest is the very pleasant town of Hot Springs. Population is roughly 37,000 and by comparison the state capital of Little Rock is only an hour’s drive East and has a population of over 200,000.

Hot Springs National Park is the smallest and the oldest Park of the National Park System.

That’s it. Now, don’t you feel smarter?

We loved seeing Hot Springs and are planning to return to spend more time.

Shops along Park Avenue

No parking issues while we were visiting
Very active downtown district
Impressive structures – old medical facility and Nat’t Park offices
Bathhouses along the National Park side of the street

Visitors love to book massages and soaking treatments at Bathhouse Row
Typical street scene
Chris Pipes
  • Clark Waters
    Posted at 17:07h, 20 May Reply

    Well by gosh ! How hot was the springs water? Did they furnish towels when you went to the bath house? Hey was it gender neutral and clothing optional? Say, I assume you sat in the hot springs !!! Did you pick up 2 souvenirs? I’m just asking cause I know how you are !

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 20:09h, 20 May Reply

      HaHa – you’re killing me! I got you a fresh bar of Ivory Soap. Next time we go there you and Pegi will have to come along.

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