A Farm, a Brewery, Food, and a Place to Sleep for Free…

A Farm, a Brewery, Food, and a Place to Sleep for Free…

Liz and I were in-route to Colorado coming up from New Mexico a few weeks ago…the road was straight but interesting as it was like a mild roller-coaster. We were dodging isolated but scary looking thunderstorms. I hate to drive in stormy/windy weather so cruising along and staying ahead of the storms was my main focus.

We left fairly early in the morning to start the trip because we hadn’t made any reservations for a campsite and there seemed to be only a few options in the vicinity we were heading. Frankly, we LOVE to just fly by the seat of our pants and don’t like to get locked into anything – we like being “free” and flexible.

About 3pm we crossed over the Colorado state line and began to search for ideas… I asked Liz to check out our Harvest Host app and see if there were any options in the direction we were headed. About 30 minutes later she said “hey right up ahead about 10-12 miles there’s a place called The Colorado Farm Brewery.’ We had to take a road off to the west for a few miles and all of this was South of Alamosa, CO. It sounded perfect and different so off we go!

General map of location in relation to Alamosa

With our annual membership in the Harvest Host program, we have access to their app to search for “hosts” that offer RV’ers a FREE night or two stay at their business….it’s a vast collection of farms, wineries, orchards, golf courses, museums, etc. that allow us to pull in and park for the night. The idea is they want us to come in and visit the business; buy a bag of apples, a bottle of wine, tickets to the museum, etc. in exchange for the free place to stay the night. There’s no obligation to visit to buy anything, etc. but we suspect that most folks spend a few dollars like us.

Drink #Farmbeer responsibly
Thankfully our camping location was an easy “stumble” from the Taproom
Great view from our RV patio
The Brew Yard and Taproom
A working farm with a “fun” side to the farming operation

We pulled into the farm after 4pm and began to search out someone to talk to about where we could park our camper. We were greeted by a big fellow and his grandson who were very friendly. They showed us where to park. Granddad told us they grow all the grains needed to make their own select brews in their farm brewery….he went on to say – we’ll be opening up the Brewhouse and Taproom at 5 and the BBQ food truck will be serving up their awesome brisket with all the trimmings!

Happy folk all around
Impressive list of poison
Outdoor Brew Yard was popular with the guests

We pulled around to the designated spot, got all set up and popped the top on a chilly beer that we had in the fridge. Our awning was extended and we sat out looking across a huge grain field, the San Luis Valley, and the Sangre d’ Christo’s in the background. We just chilled and hung out till we saw other guests starting to arrive to the farm’s Taproom. This place was out in the country and it was hard to imagine there’d be anyone coming this far out to drink a few beers but the bar was quickly filled with 14-18 people of all ages.

Early family photos currently 4th Gen family operators

We drifted over still thirsty and hungry to check it all out….it was a fun and very unique experience. Hospitality was terrific; the beer selections were WAY above our expectations! We tried 2-3 different beers and had a big plate of food from the BBQ Food Truck.. The whole evening was so fun! We drank, visited with the owners, staff, and locals. We ate a delicious meal and later slept like babies….

It’s a damn fine family business (over 80 years strong) and we are happy to recommend you visit them if you’re ever in the Alamosa, Colorado area. Open only on Thursday, Friday & Saturdays. Harvest Host has become a “go to” source for us and suggest you check them out too, if you’re RV’ers.

The lighting/setting outside was photo worthy – especially with such a beautiful subject.
Chauffeur for the current Mrs. Pipes

The Colorado Farm Brewery – 2070 County Road 12 South, Alamosa, CO 81101 (720) 739-1168

Website to great beer and fine folks

Chris Pipes
  • Pegi Brock
    Posted at 10:43h, 01 July Reply

    Y’all are fu ding such great escapes! How fun not to have to be on anyone’s schedule but your own. “ Making friends across the USA , maybe not forever but certainly for the day”!
    I tried to make a rhyme.. 💋❤️

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 17:05h, 02 July Reply

      Yes, I think one of the most fun aspects of our travels have been the folks we’ve met along the way! Wish you were along for the ride but perhaps reading about our exploits has been fun too?! Thanks for following along and sharing with your friends.

  • Marylee
    Posted at 23:09h, 01 July Reply

    Great photos of you and Liz. Looking good. Fresh air looks good on you both.

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 17:02h, 02 July Reply

      Thanks Marylee – yes the mountain air is sure refreshing and good for us! Hope you’re doing good and thanks for following along with PipesTraveler.com

  • Clark Waters
    Posted at 23:36h, 01 July Reply

    Well Cod, leave it to you to find a campsite with beer and food!! Sure sounds like a cool place and great people, what was your favorite beer and how did Red do with all those choices? It was a fun read and nice photography. Keep em coming Cowboy !

    • PipesTraveler
      Posted at 17:00h, 02 July Reply

      Once again, we sure wished you guys were with us for that stopover….was such fun! All the brews we tried were great and the BBQ was the kicker! Thanks for following along and giving us feedback.

    • Jill laroche
      Posted at 22:45h, 07 July Reply

      This place looks SPECTACULAR! Worth a trip to Colorado for sure. Thanks for the great post

      • PipesTraveler
        Posted at 17:40h, 12 July Reply

        Thanks Jill – Glad you’re following along with us! Hi to Bully for me.

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